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Years ago, was built in Flash and so it couldn’t be viewed on Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad. His production company got in touch, and I was contracted in 2010 to rebuild the site in WordPress and recreate the animations using HTML5 and javascript. This site served them well for several years, before it was redesigned in 2016.

Bracket Game for Old Chicago Pizza

I was the sole developer for a bracket game used by Old Chicago, Rock Bottom, and Gordon Biersch. For several years during the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, these restaurants promoted the game to their patrons at all locations nationwide.  I customized the design for each of the three brands and maintained all three sites. The game included a registration/confirmation process, bracket selection, scoring, ranking by location and nationally, prize notification and integration with a code-based bonus system.  I also built a system for updating user scores automatically as games completed. The game was played by about 20,000 people each year.

Legal Tools and Calculators

The disability attorneys at Hill and Ponton wanted to give veterans a way to easily determine their benefits without having to navigate through the tables and documents from the Veteran’s Administration, which are quite complicated. I worked with the attorneys to understand the ins and outs of these calculations and translate them into a user-friendly, online tool, easy to use on mobile phones, tablets and desktops alike. Often imitated, this remains the number one calculator on google for “va disability calculator”.

Later, I was tasked with setting up a database of VA benefits going back to May of 1974, which allows veterans to calculate their total benefit, over any period of time, entering all relevant factors along the way such as marriage, children and changes in disability status. This back pay calculator is used by veterans and attorneys.

I was later guided in the creation of a tool to work through the complicated rules determining the threshold of unemployability, as well a special calculator to determine disability percentage based on hearing loss.

Forest Trends

Forest Trends is an environmental non-profit that promotes market-based approaches to forest conservation. They brought me on board around the midway point of their redesign to help finish what turned out to be a very large project. Thousands of articles, images, and documents had to be imported from various sites, a process I wrote scripts to automate. I saw the project to completion and continue to help them with a everything Internet-related.

CCX Corp

CCX is a big maker of custom data cables, and they used to have a woeful website, before they got in touch with me. Now, their website represents them well. Visitors can drill down to any one of thousands of cable variations CCX creates, and it’s all managed via the WordPress Dashboard.

DTJ Design

I developed this site for Oblique, a branding agency in Boulder I’ve worked with for years. DTJ Design is a large firm providing architecture, planning and landscape architecture services. Their work is amazing, and they needed a website to match. We were up to the challenge. When managing the online portfolio through the Dashboard, users have several image configurations to choose from, and can create unlimited combinations of images to show off each project.

Footpath Pictures

Oblique designed this beautiful site for Footpath Pictures, and they asked me to develop it. As always, it is all manageable via the WordPress Dashboard, and it’s mobile-friendly.

Buck Collectors Club

The Buck Collectors Club needed a great looking site to promote their club to new members, to provide a forum and other content to existing members, and to allow existing members to renew and manage their membership. Their existing site was not cutting it. I set up a member signup system and imported all of their members, documents and other content from their existing site, and set up new features for them. Now members are reminded to renew and have the option of upgrading their membership level whenever they want through the site. I continue to keep their site up to date and develop new features when needed.

Enli Health Intelligence

This site was designed by Human Design, and developed by yours truly. It’s mobile-friendly, and everything is managed in WordPress.

Garlington, Lohn and Robinson

This site, designed by Oblique, displays all the practice areas and attorneys, and provides ways to search by either, all managed via WordPress.


When I first began working with BioResponse, they had an online store built in Classic ASP – not a problem. I maintained that site for them for years before moving them to WordPress and WooCommerce. Migrating all their product, customer and order data from their ad hoc ecommerce store to Woo was no small feat, but we managed the transition from the old site to new with no disruption in their business and zero downtime for their website.

Racing Extinction

This site is visually stunning thanks to the video and photography of the filmmakers and partners, combined with the great design work from Human Design. For my part, I built it and made it all manageable through WordPress. I also use geo-location to show certain content only in regions where licensing allows for it.

STS Footwear

At the intersection of college football fandom and awesome footwear, STS Footwear sold works of art that go on your feet and show your spirit. I built a custom theme in WordPress where they could manage their site. I also took care of programming tasks on their Shopify store.  Design by Oblique.   And by the way, Roll Tide!

Exotic Knife Handles

Mobile-friendly online store with WordPress and WooCommerce, all manageable through the Dashboard. Beautiful design by Jeffrey Steffonich.

League 91

This site was designed by Oblique in Boulder. I created a custom WordPress theme to give League 91 a way to manage their site. League 91’s apparel is sold in over 1500 stores nationwide. I imported all their store location information from a spreadsheet they provided and set up an easy search tool on the site where someone can enter their location and find the nearest stores.  After developing this web site, I hosted it for about four years, until League was acquired and moved under the umbrella of L2 Brands.

Leveraged Learning Book

This site, designed by Human Design, features a book that is available to read free online, so a lot of this project focused on the book itself, making it mobile-friendly and easy to navigate, while of course making it all editable in WordPress. The book features a lot of illustrations and quotes, and I made it possible for them to add these into the flow of each chapter, maintaining a consistent look throughout.

Thorne Nature Experience

This site was designed by Anthem Branding. This mobile-friendly site displays all the photos of outdoor fun in a creative way, and of course, they can manage everything via WordPress.

Interactive Map for Blue Water Veterans

The task: interpret the guidelines in a piece of legislation and produce a tool blue water Navy Vietnam veterans can use to help them determine whether they qualify for benefits due to exposure to Agent Orange.  This web development job involved geospatial libraries, google maps API, and a big database design and import.  Veterans can test coordinates themselves and/or choose the ship(s) they served on from a list to see points we’ve found within the region of interest.